Austin’s Prefab Kasitas

The latest video by Kirsten Dirksen features an interview with Professor Jeff Wilson and a tour of his “kasita” unit located in Austin, Texas. Wilson describes using the stackable “iPhone-like” units in a vertical urban trailer park arrangement that can be pulled and inserted should the owner require a relocation.

While the concept and technology of this design is interesting, I do have my concerns about the direction urban planners and designers are taking us with housing like this. Stacking these quarters in high density settings starts to take on the feel of the commodification of the human lifestyle. That’s not to say that this is already occurring in the suburbs in the form of planned communities and track housing. But when you start stacking human dwellings in high density arrangements, it starts to look like a pods or a hive or a matrix.

My hope for this type of alternative housing is that it doesn’t unintentionally result in us losing our individuality for the sake of affordability and portability.

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